In the heart of old Tbilisi
"Nor-Ge" is located in a 250-year old cultural heritage-building in the heart of old Tbilisi. "Nor-Ge" is surrounded by the Botanical Garden, the historical Narikala fortress, the Leghvta-canyon with its waterfall and the famous sulfur baths. At our location you have the amazing combination of being in the center of old Tbilisi while at the same time enjoying the view, peace and fresh air surrounding the Botanical Garden and Narikala fortress. Georgians, Armeniams, Azerbaijans and other nationalities are living peacfully side by side in this region of Tbilisi, just like in the old times when Tbilisi was a vibrant center for culture and trade on the historical silk road on the borderland between Europe and Asia.

Soul and history
The location counts 65 sq. meters distributed on 40 sq. meters gallery/event area, a small restroom and 20 sq. meter atelier/work-space also including kitchen facilities. The gallery/event area combines 250 year old wooden beams, old bricks and wooden stucco moldings and old wall-ornaments with modern lowered ceiling and wooden floor. The combination of old and new elements are carefully considered and balanced, reflecting the history of the location but at the same time suitable for gallery and event purposes. The place has a warm and peaceful atmosphere making people never wanting to leave and always wanting to come back.