Fine art and handicraft  
Fine art and handicraft is one of the pillars in Georgian culture and tradition. "Nor-Ge" provides workspace/atelier forTamar Lomidze exhibiting her works on a regular basis. Tamar has participated in numerous exhibitions, and her works are distributed in private collections in countries like Norway, Sweden, Spain, US and UK. "Nor-Ge" arranges fine art exhibitions with distinguished artists as well as with young talents.
Ancient folk songs  
Georgia is known for its ancient and unique polyfonic and improvisation-based folk song tradition. "Nor-Ge" arranges mini-concerts as well as workshops/masterclasses in the tradition both for Georgians and foreigners. In 2005 Svend Waage established Ensemble Giorgi counting two Georgian and two Norwegian singers, and in 2013 the President of Georgia awarded the medal of Civil Sacrifice to Svend for his contributions to the Georgian folk song tradition.
Wonders of wine  
Georgia is among the oldest winemaking nations in the world with 8000 years old archeological findings of grape-stones inside antique clay pots. Georgian wine has been playing an important role in celebrations and rituals in pre-Christian as well as Christian times. We arrange wine-degustations with traditional qvevri-wines and industrial made wines, introducing you to Georgian viniculture and the position of wine in Georgian culture and tradition.
Literary evenings    
Georgia is by many considered as the land of poetry, with its rich language and literary traditions. "Nor-Ge" arranges poetry evenings presenting Georgian literature and poetry. We also present Norwegian literature for Georgian audiences, including Norwegian literature translated to Georgian language.

Introduction to Georgia  
We make presentations of Georgia - from a foreigner’s point of view, looking at your motivation for coming to Georgia as well as your expectations. Based on this, we give you a comprehensive introduction to Georgian culture and tradition with useful advices and suggestions. We always enjoy to tailor our approach to your needs and perspective combined with our long term experience in Georgia.